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Japanese 80s Pop music style, aesthetics revolving around old digital pixelated graphics & neon lights, catchy stretched-out music — placed on repeat, lyrics — none or at best a single line, throw in elevator music & old Pepsi commercials, and of course, anonymous artist; This is Vaporwave.

A summary that another vaporware fan would disregard. Wait; what?

This music genre is not easy to define, and I will try to explain why. Vaporwave incorporates existing music and changes it by slowing it down or making it fast or even breaking it up. Resulting in the creation of something different; which…

The human brain is a complex organ with the wonderful power of enabling man to find reasons for continuing to believe whatever it is he wants to believe-Voltaire

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The mind and its perceiving abilities are terrifying, yet amazing; the way we view something essentially defines our personality. These views are based on the myriad of circumstances that we experience throughout our lives.

Our thinking is the perception of our acquired reality; it is in evolution, influenced by our interpretation of what we hear and what we listen to and most importantly, how we have been taught to interpret these two senses.

This evolution is based on two simple influences — positive and negative influences — As much as one wishes to be blessed with affirmation in life, the…

Breath of the Wild came out of nowhere and brought me out of the pit of despair that was my obsession with Dota 2

There was a time back in the late ‘90s when I came to know about a certain game called Final Fantasy VIII. Not only was this a game that introduced me to the exquisite world of RPGs, but it also showed me that videogames can have a story and weren’t just brawls to the death. FFVIII also showed me the charms of music in video games and allowed me to visualize new worlds in the form of beautifully drawn towns that you can interact with. This true introduction to video games made me a customer for life.

The cheapest Bigtech-stock in the market

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In terms of share price, the most underestimated member of the FAANGMT, yes I took the liberty of adding Tesla, is Alphabet. Oddly, it is likely the most powerful company among the lot, heck maybe in the whole world. At the time of writing, GOOGL closed at 1757.76, and GOOG closed at 1758.72, with P/E ratios being 35.42 and 35.47 respectively; while S&P 500 average P/E ratio at the market close was 37.56. Cheap tech stock what!

I will try my best to justify why Alphabet is that one stock you buy and hold forever, Alphabet is a safe bet…

Thinking about religion from a different angle

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One day Prophet Abraham started to question his existence; he did so by looking at his surroundings. He asked who created?

Because it did not make sense to him, that this beautiful clockwork world is in existence on its own, this Questioning ultimately led him to God.

Today, when we look at our surroundings, we can experience it beyond the level of observation alone. We understand how amazing, and how complex are the mechanisms behind the various processes happening around us. …

This is the story of a man, favoured by God

Growing up, I have heard stories about magical people, who have kindness written all over their face. Simply looking at them brings you at peace—people who have an aura surrounding them.

I remember my teacher telling us a story about a man, to whom a lady comes up and says to him after the introduction, that I feel at peace, just by looking at you. The lady eventually embraced Islam.

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I had a similar experience; this happened while I was in Mecca, for performing Hajj. We travelled in 2011; it was quite a few of us — family plus immediate…

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When Religious Practices become mere Rituals

In a world where we have complete information about everything, reason can give us certain answers; in the real world, however, where we are not even close to having all the answers — a world where words are fallible, where perception is fallible, where imagination is fallible, reason is more of a guide than it is a hallmark of truth.

- David Hume

This quote does not limit to life alone. It can be used as an analogy to our relationship with God.

As a Muslim, I have always believed that the key to becoming a 'good' theist is in…

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A Different Interpretation

What is Destiny? you ask

It is something that you know, yet you don’t.

It is something that you understand, yet you can’t explain.

Belief in destiny is the most powerful skill you can master. Actually, you do not have a choice; it is something you must master! If you believe in one God that is and if you believe in the tenants of faith.

Destiny is the father's calmness who forgave his son’s killer while holding power to do otherwise.

Destiny makes you the genius who believes in not giving up; who believes in himself; yet leaves the result…

Hassan Shah

From Anime to Religion. Expressing my thoughts for myself. Hope it helps you too.

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